TraQa Inventory

TraQa Inventory is the result of many years experience listening to people running businesses, from large multi-site operations to individual departments, telling us what they find difficult and time-consuming about getting the information they need to manage inventory effectively.

Barriers to World-Class Inventory Management

You know your business and what you need to keep track of to make it successful. TraQa is here to help you eliminate the barriers preventing you from checking on vital business indicators when you need to.

  • Time – If it takes too long to collect the data, it doesn’t get collected for long
  • Access – It must be easy to access the data and get the answers it’s showing
  • Accuracy – Data must be accurate and up-to-date or it isn’t worth collecting and looking at
  • Cost – The whole process must be cost-effective

We have listened to what makes a difference and worked hard on finding ways to make it quick and easy to get the critical business information you want, when you need it.

What does TraQa Inventory Offer Your Business?

  • Easy Data Capture – Use any existing hardware including PCs, Laptops, iPads and Android devices
  • Instant Availability – Information is synced to the cloud and available immediately to everyone who needs it
  • Flexible – Easy access to your database and easy ways to create your own reports in a format that suits you including graphs and tables
  • Secure – Cloud-based means you can access from anywhere and control who else can access your data
  • Robust – Software and databases are updated and maintained remotely in the cloud so your data is accurate and glitch-free
  • Economical & Risk Free – TraQa runs on existing hardware so there is no up-front CapEx or long-term lock-in. You can start tracking inventory today with a low-cost monthly subscription to the TraQa cloud service

See TraQa Inventory in action - watch the video