TraQa Intelligence

TraQa Intelligence* is specifically designed to track inventory and manage demand and usage of materials and resources. TraQa Intelligence's accurate data collection and cloud based storage provides accurate, up to date information and intelligence for organisations, by recording movement of goods and materials to manage demand and usage.

Usage & Cost Monitoring

  • Custom reports providing data you need
  • Single / Multiple Locations (e.g one or more hospitals)
  • Site Groups and Wards (e.g Cardiac)
  • Product Categories (e.g Clinical Waste Bags)
  • Individual Products (e.g Large Orange Bags)

Multiple Sites and Locations

  • Cloud based managed service
  • Allows multiple users in multiple locations to record product issues and report on where products are being used
  • Run comparisons between sites and hospitals
  • Drill down into the data to identify trends and solutions.

Inventory Management + Usage Analysis = Effective Resource Management

TraQa Intelligence helps manage usage of any resource by keeping track of demand, whatever and wherever it is. If you can see the frequency and source of the demand for any item, you can ensure its availability and you can manage that demand effectively. This applies to any resource based activity that requires managing. TraQa Intelligence is most commonly used to track products and manage their availability, but can equally be applied to labour in service and maintenance environments.

TraQa Intelligence Simplicty

TraQa Intelligence is cloud-based and data input usually takes place on a tablet, ipad or laptop so it is particularly suited for mobile data recording. TraQa Intelligence is not expensive to install, not complicated to use and it is easy and quick to access and analyse the data.

Examples - Healthcare Providers

TraQa Intelligence is used extensively in hospitals and clinics to manage medical and healthcare consumables including medical gasses, disposable ward curtains, laundry, catering, meal distribution and consumables used for domestic cleaning and infection control.

TraQa Intelligence provides powerful analysis of distribution, allocation and consumption for thousands of stock lines to dramatically improve day-to-day operating efficiency and for strategic objectives such as budgeting and performance benchmarking.

Case Study - Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

hull case study 600

Find out about the experience of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust using GV Clematis / Traqa Intelligence managing their linen services across multipe sites including one of the UK's largest acute hospitals.

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* TraQa Intelligence is the new name for GV Clematis