TraQa Inventory for Businesses

Whether you want to control your stores, monitor the performance of your customers or keep track of hours spent on any activity, TraQa makes it easier. TraQa Inventory is a simple, cloud-based inventory management system to track and record stock. It can be used by any business to perform a range of inventory management tasks including managing incoming and dispatch of goods and reconciliation.

TraQa Inventory is delivered as a service and runs on your existing laptops, PCs, tablets and devices so there is no investment in new equipment required. TraQa inventory uses an intuitive user interface which means staff find it easy to use with a minimum of training. If knowledge is power, then think of TraQa as your power tool!


  • Parts and equipment usage monitoring
  • Run rates for stock replenishment
  • Scheduling components for sub-assembly
  • PPE equipment management
  • Consumables stores management
  • Service and engineering support and maintenance scheduling

Small & Medium Enterprises

  • Warehouse / depot management
  • Managing supply of products to customers
  • Goods in, stocking and despatch.
  • Run rates for re-ordering
  • Profiling deliveries to individual customers

Stockrooms & Stores

  • Goods in
  • Counting stock
  • Recording deliveries
  • Customer analysis
  • Sales information and trends by customers and products
  • Time allocation

Service Operations

  • Monitoring costs and charges and controlling profitability of accounts
  • Stationery and other consumables management
  • Tracking cost of maintenance contracts, spare parts, engineers' time
  • Recording call-outs, hours spent and spares cost by customer

Case Study: TraQa Inventory at GV Health

GV Health is a typical SME, manufacturing and distributing a range of products to customers in the UK and overseas through distributors and on a direct supply basis. GV Health use TraQa Inventory for a number of stock management functions within the business.

TraQa Inventory's stocktake function delivers routine stock counts and the inbuilt reconciliation feature manages stock and warehouse performance across any selectable time period to effectively monitor KPIs. The detail stock issues feature allows GV Health management to see what stocks were supplied across the whole business, into a specific customer and across a number of other defined parameters. This means that the company can analyse in detail where it is performing well and poorly while the date options allow us to produce gap analysis which is fed back into the sales team to drive sales increases.

The goods in function allows the accounts team to confirm timings for both receipt and despatch of goods while the stock valuation drill down tells managers where they may be overstocked or need to order additional stocks. GV Health is able to sync TraQa Inventory data across multiple sites in real-time to deliver rapid and easy access to the information to relevant departments.