TraQa Intelligence in Healthcare

TraQa Intelligence* is used extensively in a range of healthcare settings to manage medical and healthcare consumables. TraQa Intelligence provides powerful analysis of distribution, allocation and consumption across multiple sites for thousands of stock lines to dramatically improve day-to-day operating efficiency and for strategic objectives such as budgeting and performance benchmarking.

More than 500 TraQa Intelligence installations are used across multiple NHS and independent healthcare locations in the UK with this number increasing at almost 20% per year. TraQa Intelligence offers benefits across many different departments and areas.

* TraQa Intelligence is the new name for GV Clematis

Acute hospitals

  • Domestic Stores – records all stores movement in and out to final destination; usage pattern analysis for users and products; stock checks; run rates for re-ordering and ensuring no shortages; bench-marking usage for control of over-use.
  • Catering & Patient Meals – simple method of recording meals to each ward or department; patterns of ordering for planning purposes; easy month-end reporting for billing purposes.
  • Linen Rooms – issue of linen; reporting against SLAs; monitoring of rewash; validation of charges.
  • Laundry – recording of movements in and out of laundry to end destination; basis for charging.
  • Waste Stream Management - monitoring of waste tonnage by stream from source.

Community Healthcare

  • Distribution – stores, laundry, meals and other supplies to day-care centres, residential, care and nursing homes.
  • Central stores – full ordering and management of stores.
  • Nursing and Midwifery – dispensing of medicines, infection control, medical gasses and consumables for home based patients.

Multiple Sites & Locations

Because TraQa Intelligence is a cloud based managed service it allows multiple users in multiple locations to record product issues and report on where products are being used. Users can run comparisons between sites and hospitals, as well as drill down into the data to identify trends and solutions.

Examples of Applications and Uses

Day-to-day Operational Needs

  • Ward distribution and delivery management
  • Usage monitoring and control
  • Stock holding monitoring
  • Waste reduction due to expired use-by times and dates
  • Cost monitoring against targets
  • Control of product over-use
  • Charge for excessive usage
  • Recharge private departments and wards based on actual usage
  • Inappropriate legacy usage tracking
  • Reduction of local stock-holding at ward and department level
  • Run rates for re-ordering to minimise shortages

Management and Reporting Needs

  • Analysis of usage patterns across all users and products
  • Analysis of usage patterns across multiple sites
  • Tracking of infection and outbreak trends
  • Stock checks
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Benchmarking


TraQa Intelligence provides a range of customisable reports to give you the data you need.

  • Single / Multiple Locations (e.g one or more hospitals)
  • Site Groups and Wards (e.g Cardiac)
  • Product Categories (e.g Clinical Waste Bags)
  • Individual Products (e.g Large Orange Bags)